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2 weeks ago I came across Alexs IG stories. The Armenian awareness she was spreading was insightful and inspiring. From the 350 users I follow, no one was really talking about what was going on in Armenia. News channels were talking about Trump testing positive, Votewritten on clothing was becoming a trend, and somehow a fly was causing a massive disruption.

As days went by, Alex continued to show solidarity by helping her mom with a raffle that would help raise money for the Armenia Fund. Days later she used her social media platform and took things to the next level by raising over $1,000 via Venmo and donating it to the Armenia Fund as well.

Throughout this time, Alex and I with the help of Johnny Jover and others have designed a tee shirt that not only can be worn all the time to show love to the Armenian community, but we are also donating all profits. This tee shirt will also be a reminder to all, that we must act in situations of injustice and not look the other way. We must to continue to help and love each other, so that history wont repeat.

Blog post was written back in October 19th, 2020


I want to thank Eduardo Vargas for the opportunity. Thank you for believing in my team. I also want to thank Johnny Jover. Without his graphic designing skills this project would not have seen the light of day. “Justice or Death” is a logo for the Latino Law Student Association at USC Gould School of Law. This logo was inspired by every day, ordinary women that do extraordinary things. Women that fight for justice, fight for what they believe in, for a better life, for their family, and fight for their dreams. To the moms that work 12-hour shifts or have 2 jobs, the moms that make sure you never skip a meal, the ones who literally do anything for their children and children’s children. I want to use this opportunity to thank every female that has inspired me throughout my life. Thank you Karina Nuñez for doing everything you can to make sure that my siblings and I could have a better life. Thank you to the following women who have inspired me in my lifeCarmen Cortez and Dagmara Bachirova and last but not least thank you to all the girls who follow their dreams. You have no idea how much you all inspire me. I hope one day I get to tell a story to my future daughter(s) about all of you.

Thank you, 

Joel A. Nuñez