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Artsakh Strong

Armenia Artsakh Strong

I have always been vocal about my political beliefs and firmly believe it is important to voice your opinion, especially in times of injustice. But please do not be confused. The Armenian issue is not a political one, it is a humanitarian one. 

Armenia was one of the oldest countries to adopt Christianity as its own religion and to practice it as such. As a result, Armenia has been met with violence and aggression from opposing forces since the very beginning of its conception.  

In 1915, amidst World War 1, the Ottoman Empire sought out to destroy Armenia, for fear that the Christian-Armenian population would side with Russia, and as a result, weaken the control of The Ottoman Empire. Men, women, and children were forcefully marched to starvation, beaten, raped, and slaughtered systematically in order to carry out the extermination of the Armenian people. This was an attempt to ethnically cleanse the Armenian population and maintain religious dominance within the area. Roughly 1.5 million Armenian lives were lost in the process yet Turkey refuses to acknowledge the massacre as a genocide to this day. Thousands of acres of sacred land were also lost in the process.

Artsakh originally belonged to the indigenous Armenians within the area until it was unrightfully given to Azerbaijan under soviet rule. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Armenia has fought solely for the freedom of this region and the Armenians occupying it. Armenians want peace, they always have. Just to exist on their own territories freely and without fear for their lives. They are not the aggressors. They weren’t in 1915 when they were being massacred, and they aren’t now, in 2020, when their churches are being bombed. While Azerbaijan’s autocratic government is pulling innocent men off their own streets and drafting them against their will, Armenian men are proudly lining up to defend the place they call home.

-Alex Rzyan

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